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fwLOGview Authors

Maintainer and coder: Immo Goltz <fwlogview (a) nothrix org>
Contributor: Dean Whiteman (PIX parser)
Contributor: Peter Allgeyer (ipfilter parser)
Contributor: Florian Ruch (Fortigate parser)
Contributor: Daniel San Miguel Reyero <d (a) downby net>


Web Design: Rene Waschau <rwa (a) cio-solutions de>, CIO Solutions GmbH
Programming: Immo Goltz <fwlogview (a) nothrix org>
Photograph: Immo Goltz <fwlogview (a) nothrix org>
Wiki: DokuWiki with heavy modified templates sidebar and dw-redsheep.

Parser for Fortigate
Florian Ruch contributed a parser for Fortigate firewalls.

Fixes for 0.3.4
Old but important fixes not yet uploaded.
* fwlogmgmd 'exit bug' on new distributions fixed
* netfilter parser improvements

New website design
While development of the new version faces some difficulties the website got a facelift.

SP1 for GUI 0.3.5
* brings fixes for some flaws when used with java 1.4
* compiled with java 1.4.2
* no new features added