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Versions marked "release" are deployed on my machines for a while without discovering failures. On the other hand, "development" incorporates new features, bugfixes and enhancements over the last release and possibly bugs. As all packages available here are tested and working, feel brave and use "development".
The files below are in chronological order, newer ones are on top. Please make sure to grab all necessary fixes.
The change log is here.


fortigate parser
A parser for Fortigate firewalls (contributed by Florian Ruch)

errata for 0.3.4 fwlogd/fwlogmgmd
Fix for fwlogmgmd exit bug on new Linux distros, netfilter parser fixes.

update 0.3.5 SP1 GUI only
Some java 1.4 related fixes and compiled with java 1.4.2.

release 0.3.4 2003-02-27
If you update from previous versions please note that fwlogd/fwlogmgmd also must be updated.

Parser for Fortigate
Florian Ruch contributed a parser for Fortigate firewalls.

Fixes for 0.3.4
Old but important fixes not yet uploaded.
* fwlogmgmd 'exit bug' on new distributions fixed
* netfilter parser improvements

New website design
While development of the new version faces some difficulties the website got a facelift.

SP1 for GUI 0.3.5
* brings fixes for some flaws when used with java 1.4
* compiled with java 1.4.2
* no new features added