Pyrrhocoris apterus - fwLOGview

fwLOGview is a graphical logviewer for firewalls. Already supported are Linux netfilter/iptables, CISCO PIX, *BSD ipfilter and Fortigate. You can watch the logs in realtime or examine saved ones. The logentries are colored according to the corresponding firewall action. You can set filters on each column including or excluding lines. Have a look at the screenshots, they give an idea how fwLOGview operates.

To be of the greatest possible use to the public, fwLOGview is free software released under the terms of the GPL.

Parser for Fortigate
Florian Ruch contributed a parser for Fortigate firewalls.

Fixes for 0.3.4
Old but important fixes not yet uploaded.
* fwlogmgmd 'exit bug' on new distributions fixed
* netfilter parser improvements

New website design
While development of the new version faces some difficulties the website got a facelift.

SP1 for GUI 0.3.5
* brings fixes for some flaws when used with java 1.4
* compiled with java 1.4.2
* no new features added