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Besides our mascot we do have other bugs (”features”). We try hard to fix them and help you to get up and running with fwLOGview.


  • fwlogd of version 0.3.4 using pix parser does not colorize logentries

As bugfix you can edit ~/.fwlogview/fwlogviewTableProperties.pix.xml: change the first letter of the action definitions to uppercase, e.g. color r=”200” g=”0” b=”0”>Deny</color>

  • fwlogd of version 0.3.4 dies often when using netfilter parser

Please use the errata, which fixes this “late-night” bug.

  • The parser takes only the first word of the userdefined netfilter logprefix as action.

Fixed with (development) version 20020308 of fwlogd where lot of improvements are made.


  • fwlogmgmd exits after attempt to load stored log or to reconnect.

Fixed in late 2003

  • The new fwlogmgmd from version 0.3.3 tries to resolve the name of the GUI client, if this fails (no DNS or hosts), GUI crashes upon connect.

Fixed with 0.3.4. Workaround: change line 137 from my $clientname = $hostinfo→name || $client→peerhost; to my $clientname = “unknown”;


  • The date-filter does not handle days 1 to 9 of a month.

Fixed with hotfix 0.3.2 2002-05-06.

  • The date-filter crashes in month May.

Fixed with hotfix 0.3.2 2002-05-06. If you have a filter defined with “Mai”, please change it in “.fwlogview.iptables.def” to “May” before using the new version or the GUI will not start.

  • I recently discovered that there can be syslogentries which are not handled well by the fwlogd. These entries make the GUI throw exceptions and stop reading the log.

Fixed with hotfix 0.3.2 2002-05-06.

  • Always show last row does not show the very last logentry, 1 or 2 entries are missed.
  • Is there no file “fwlog” which can be read by fwlogmgmd then fwlogview throws an exception after connecting.
  • Always show last row is on after startup but should be off. Workaround: turn it on, then off (hit toolbar button twice).

Fixed with hotfix 2002-02-27.