Pyrrhocoris apterus - fwLOGview

How to use fwlogd

Usage: fwlogd [-h] [-n] -p parser -d | -f filename
    -h             Print out this usage message.
    -n             Do not resolve symbolic names for host addresses.
    -d             Run as daemon.
                   Continouse read from /var/log/fwlog/fwlog.FIFO,
                   write to /var/log/fwlog/fwlog.
    -f filename    Read in filename noncontinouse, write to STDOUT.
    -p parser      Which parser to use.
                   Known parsers are: ipchains netfilter pix

The script /etc/init.d/fwlogd executes per default (cd /opt/fwlogview/fwlogd && ./fwlogd -d -p netfilter). If you want to use a other parser, please edit /etc/init.d/fwlogd. You can call /etc/init.d/fwlogd logrotate to save the current log under a date-based name and start over with a fresh log.