Pyrrhocoris apterus - fwLOGview

Installation on the firewall machine

Distributed installation

If you use a distributed installation (consolidate logs on dedicated syslog machine) configure your firewall(s) to send syslog messages to the management machine where fwlogd/fwlogmgmd is installed.

On a *NIX based firewall with syslgd this could be done like:

  1. add kern.* @your.syslog.machine to /etc/syslogd.conf
  2. restart syslogd

On a *NIX based firewall with syslg-ng this could be done like:


Other firewall: please refer to your firewall documentaion how to handle syslog.

fwlogd/fwlogmgmd installed on firewall

If you want to run fwlogd/fwlogmgmd on the firewall itself (where possible), proceed with instructions for management machine.